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Snark SN-5 G Guitar Tuner Review

Snark SN-5 G First Impressions

"Beats every other I've owned."

Not noticeable when playing gigs, though. Guitar needs to be in range, hard to get reading when wildly out of tune. Works well with my piccolo and regular basses. To get around to the pitch, it is there NOW. It does what it suppose to and works to perfection with ease.

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Snark SN-5 G Final Thoughts

"So I got this as a replacement."

I've only used it a couple times, and I have to say I am impressed! I'm a pianist, and I'm very fussy about the piano that I play being in tune. It is very accurate and helps me stay in tune. Would recommend as a decent low cost tuner. The price, easy of use, and the built-in metronome snagged my attention.

Overall Score

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