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OriGlam 5-Band Guitar Tuner Review

OriGlam 5-Band First Impressions

"Nice and small and work as they should."

I'd totally recommend this to anyone needing a tuner. The battery lasts for about 1200 tunings. But hey, you are not supposed to step on your tuner. If you want mutable OriGlam tuner that doesn't break the bank, this is it. The price, easy of use, and the built-in metronome snagged my attention.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The OriGlam 5-Band

  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Feature Set

OriGlam 5-Band Final Thoughts

"Highly recommended."

Thus, in theory, you can watch your tuning as you play. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for this exact solution. Multi purpose as it works on my hammered dulcimer, guitar, mandolin and mt dulcimer. I was almost at the point of sending it back. When I saw the OriGlam my curiosity was piqued.

Overall Score

(138 Points)
  • OriGlam 5-Band Features & Specs
  • √ Five-Band EQ - Volume Control, Presence Control, Bass Control, Middle1 Control, Middle2 Control, Treble Control, tuner Power on/off button.
  • √ Great Tone And Pickup Range - The Complete Kit offers great tone and pickup range, and is made to be installed in the body of any standard acoustic Guitar.
  • √ Amplify Acoustic Guitar Sound - The 5 Band powered pre-amp Pick-up unit includes all you need to add a pickup to your acoustic guitar and amplify their sound.
  • √ Easy To Read - LCD display, easy to read. Professional guitar and bass tuner Auto and manual tuning mode.
  • √ Frequency, Power - Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz, Power: Powered by 6F22 9V battery (not included)

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