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MIMIDI MIMIDI Tuner Guitar Tuner Review

MIMIDI MIMIDI Tuner First Impressions

"Really like the chromatic."

It has a soft touch switch, so there's no noise when turning it on or off. Guitar needs to be in range, hard to get reading when wildly out of tune. Not only has playing become more inspiring, my recordings sound more professional. It was easy to use and easy to know when each string was in tune. I previously bought a MIMIDI rack tuner.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The MIMIDI MIMIDI Tuner

  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Feature Set

MIMIDI MIMIDI Tuner Final Thoughts

"Good buy for the price."

Simply reach in, turn it on, and tune away. Been playing a long time, but never bought a MIMIDI tuner. Once it finally arrived, I was pleased with its operation. I would recommend this for any musician, especially good for guitar. This tuner actually has more versatility than I need personally.

Overall Score

(51 Points)
  • MIMIDI MIMIDI Tuner Features & Specs
  • ♫ power: USB rechargeable
  • ♫ high sensitivity vibration sensor. Use clip-on internal vibration sensor detection when you are in a noisy environment, tuning with 1 Cent accuracy
  • ♫ FASHIONABLE, Cobra shape design, visible stylish outlook, super bright full color display;
  • ♫ featuring a 360-degree joint mechanism, clip-on mount provides quick application and limitless viewing angles and maximum positioning flexibility
  • ♫The silicone padded clamp protects your instrument considerately, easy to use Functional front panel, durable and lightweight, perfect tuning on chromatic, Guitar, bass, violin, ukulele C, ukulele D

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