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Korg RPC1 Guitar Tuner Review

Korg RPC1 First Impressions

"My daughter loves it!"

Both arrived and are still a few weeks later in perfect working order. This is way faster than individually checking each string. This little device is so accurate and easy to use. I would recommend this for any musician, especially good for guitar. This is the nicest tuner I have ever purchased.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Korg RPC1

  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Feature Set

Korg RPC1 Final Thoughts

"I am satisfied with my purchase!"

Not noticeable when playing gigs, though. If you're a bass player in Eb, and you drop-D, the Korg will read out DADG. It is what I expected it to be and I'm very pleased. Buy one and you'll discover just how good it really is. It does not seem to add any additional noise into the signal chain.

Overall Score

(36 Points)
  • Korg RPC1 Features & Specs
  • Attach inside the sound hole and tune with a natural line of sight.
  • Fits a variety of acoustic guitars
  • Piezo pickup rapidly and accurately detects the sound
  • High-brightness LED for excellent visibility

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