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Korg AW-LT100B Guitar Tuner Review

Korg AW-LT100B First Impressions

"I'm happy with it."

But as long as it gives me A440 standard tuning and signal mute, it's good to go. While it did mute when the pedal was pressed, what good is that if I can't even tell. This little device is so accurate and easy to use. What a great company to do business with! This has a LARGE display, bright red LED's, strobe and chromatic settings.

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Korg AW-LT100B Final Thoughts

"You won't be disappointed."

I bought this to replace a previous tuner pedal that died. I especially like the fact that it can be set to tune through vibration only. If the color stays white and the meter points LEFT you are in low tune. Unlike many other tuners that use expensive lithium batteries, it uses AAA. This has a LARGE display, bright red LED's, strobe and chromatic settings.

Overall Score

(3 Points)
  • Korg AW-LT100B Features & Specs
  • Long battery life; a single AAA battery provides 100 hours of operation Improved clip for faster and more accurate response Vivid, full-color LCD with three display modes Shuttle switch for simple operation Lightweight design Calibration, auto power-off and memory backup functions
  • The AW-LT100B provides stunning battery life with approximately 100 hours of operation using a single AAA battery
  • The body's lightweight design features triangular shuttle switches that allow intuitive operation
  • In addition, the AW-LT100B features enhanced sensitivity for detecting the low-frequency range, perfectly covering your tuning needs even for basses that have a larger number of strings
  • KORG's AW-LT100 line of clip-on tuners will get in you tune faster and keep you in tune longer than any other clip-on tuner

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