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Intelli IMT-600 Guitar Tuner Review

Intelli IMT-600 First Impressions

"Other than that, we're happy with it."

These are typical of Intelli quality but, the first ones I've owned of this style. I'm even planning on getting a Intelli Clip for my acoustic guitars. It can be mic'd or use your instrument's vibration. Super fast response to guitar/bass signal. This tuner actually has more versatility than I need personally.

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Intelli IMT-600 Final Thoughts

"It does everything they say it will."

Overall, the product works great and does what it advertises! For this alone, it's an improvement over the TU-2. The only thing is that, there are already apps which will do the same job. They lock well, look great and adjustments are great with the 19:1 turning ratio. I previously bought a Intelli rack tuner.

Overall Score

(77 Points)
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