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HOTONE STU-1 Guitar Tuner Review

HOTONE STU-1 First Impressions

"Very easy to use and very accurate."

I have a couple other HOTONE pedals, so, I trust the brand. Always looking for my tuner, so I decided to buy one for every guitar I own. Other than that, they're both about equivalent. It works every bit as well as the AW2G except missing a mic input. This tuner actually has more versatility than I need personally.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The HOTONE STU-1

  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Feature Set

HOTONE STU-1 Final Thoughts

"Really like the chromatic."

This is the only chromatic tuner I have used, but I'm very happy with it. I once realized I had it set to violin, and that did not work at all! If the color stays white and the meter points LEFT you are in low tune. It simply detects which note I am playing, and shows me if I am sharp or flat. It is nice and bright, and there are two arrows.

Overall Score

(6 Points)
  • HOTONE STU-1 Features & Specs
  • LED tuning display
  • Volume knob for up to 12db clean boost
  • Mute function
  • True bypass
  • Zinc alloy outer cover

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