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EVH 5550121466 Guitar Tuner Review

EVH 5550121466 First Impressions

"The tuning seems accurate."

It did look a bit fragile so I decided to get a small protective case. If you're a bass player in Eb, and you drop-D, the EVH will read out DADG. Pedal sizing is very similar to every EVH or MXR full-sized pedal you've ever used. It was just as described and arrived promptly and packaged well! I recently purchased the EVH and I love it.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The EVH 5550121466

  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Feature Set

EVH 5550121466 Final Thoughts

"These work great!"

Thus, in theory, you can watch your tuning as you play. East to read digital readout and very user friendly. I like it better than other tuners though. I use this clip to clip onto the tuning pegs of my hammered dulcimer. Treble and bass knobs are great for shaping tone.

Overall Score

(12 Points)
  • EVH 5550121466 Features & Specs
  • A revolutionary new patented device that lets you to drop from E to D and back, in an instant
  • It's simple to use and it works
  • Designed to adapt to a double-locking tremolo
  • Made from the highest quality hardened steel

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