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Crescendo ZenStrobe Guitar Tuner Review

Crescendo ZenStrobe First Impressions

"You can get an exact degree of tuning."

Not noticeable when playing gigs, though. Basically everything you want and expect out of a tuning pedal at an amazing price. Also serves to counterbalance an iPad if you are using one for a sheet music holder. OVERALL: Great product and fast delivery. It is nice and bright, and there are two arrows.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Crescendo ZenStrobe

  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Feature Set

Crescendo ZenStrobe Final Thoughts

"Get one and you'll use it constantly!"

I'd totally recommend this to anyone needing a tuner. While it did mute when the pedal was pressed, what good is that if I can't even tell. Crescendo are the best for my Gretsch always stays in tune. Purchased it for my son to use with his bass and he loves it. It is also very stable, not bouncing around.

Overall Score

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  • Crescendo ZenStrobe Features & Specs
  • THE MOST ACCURATE TUNER AVAILABLE- Why? Because the Crescendo ZenStrobe employs TRUE STROBE technology, doing what NO chromatic tuner can do…deliver a dead-on accurate reading within 1/10 cent, AND for a fraction of the price you would pay for that "other" fancy strobe tuner.
  • YOU CAN HEAR THE DIFFERENCE, and you must hear it to appreciate it. For that reason, we offer the ZenStrobe with a 90 DAY RETURN POLICY, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY. You can't fully appreciate this tuner unless you try it, and so Crescendo is making it easy for you.
  • STROBE TECHNOLOGY IS EXPENSIVE. Go ahead, check out the competition. (Hint: Compare to strobe tuners, not chromatic...we'll wait...) Ok, now that you know, consider that for a fraction of the cost, the Crescendo ZenStrobe is JUST AS ACCURATE as that $60-$100+ strobe tuner you found. Do you want to pay for the name or will just the accuracy do?
  • MORE FEATURES for the musician nerds out there- Tunes by vibration sensor, so you can tune even in a noisy room. Automatic shut-off, 360 degree rotation, front or rear headstock position, and sturdy clamp with soft silicone rubber to protect your investment. BATTERY INCLUDED.

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