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Andoer MUS268001 Guitar Tuner Review

Andoer MUS268001 First Impressions

"Tight and hold tune well."

If you place it on your music sheet stand, that's great. While it did mute when the pedal was pressed, what good is that if I can't even tell. However, now that I have learned how to work this tuner I wouldn't let it go. Super fast response to guitar/bass signal. However, it's very convenient when practicing or playing casually.

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  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
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Andoer MUS268001 Final Thoughts


It can be as noisy as you can imagine around me and I can still tune accurately. For this alone, it's an improvement over the TU-2. I gave it to a child for her birthday who was going to become my new student. To get around to the pitch, it is there NOW. It does what it suppose to and works to perfection with ease.

Overall Score

(56 Points)
  • Andoer MUS268001 Features & Specs
  • Tone and volume control.(Battery is not included)
  • GT-5 is a 3 Band EQ with built-in Chromatic tuner and Phase, Reverb, Chrous Effects.
  • Rotate Low/Middle/High button to adjust low/medium/high frequency. Rotate VOL. button to adjust master volume. Rotate REVERB/CHORUS button to adjust its corresponding reverb/chorus effect.
  • The compact size makes it easy to install into a guitar and the visible portion of GT-5 is only 52mm * 54mm * 4mm.
  • It has automatic battery detection, low battery message will be displayed when the battery is getting low.

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