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ammoon 4334261075 Guitar Tuner Review

ammoon 4334261075 First Impressions

"Much easier to use than tabletop models."

It has a soft touch switch, so there's no noise when turning it on or off. It works well for tuning my guitars and basses. The only thing is that, there are already apps which will do the same job. I bought it because I'm sick of trying to tune with my acoustic tuner on my phone. It has other settings for Violin, Bass and Chromatic tuning as well.

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ammoon 4334261075 Final Thoughts


I've second guessed my decision a couple times. While it did mute when the pedal was pressed, what good is that if I can't even tell. Works well with my piccolo and regular basses. Unlike many other tuners that use expensive lithium batteries, it uses AAA. Cheaper than buying a tuner and buffer separately.

Overall Score

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  • ammoon 4334261075 Features & Specs
  • Professional tuner with multiple tuning items including violin, viola, cello, double bass and chromatic.
  • Full color LCD display, clearly indicating the cent scale, tuning status, pitch name and tuning mode
  • 430Hz~450Hz A4 range, A0(27.5HZ)~C8(4186HZ) tuning range, high precision and great sensitivity.
  • Finest vibration sensor, sturdy non-slip clip designed with groove for clamping on the headstock.
  • Free 360 degree angle adjustment for easier viewing One button for choose tuning items, pretty simple for operation.

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