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Top 2 Best Flexzion Guitar Tuners

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Flexzion Guitar Tuner

1. Flexzion GITA_TUNER_A4 Flexzion Guitar Tuner

Editor's Impressions

"Tight and hold tune well."

After checking out other tuners, I am getting another one. Guitar needs to be in range, hard to get reading when wildly out of tune. The shipping could have been cheaper though. I honesty didn't know that they had this brick style. The clip-on chromatic tuner was very easy to use.

Overall Score

(15 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated Flexzion Guitar Tuners

2. Flexzion GITA_TUNER Flexzion Guitar Tuner

Editor's Impressions

"Way to get it half right."

Then there's the durability and low cost. Completely foolproof, you never have to worry about leaving your clip-on at home. I've used it for several gigs and had no problems. They lock well, look great and adjustments are great with the 19:1 turning ratio. Twice the cost of a Flexzion or Fender tuner, but worth the money.

Overall Score

(9 Points)

Special Features

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