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Top 2 Best Eno Guitar Tuners

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Eno Guitar Tuner

1. Eno 042728 Eno Guitar Tuner

Editor's Impressions

"Great lil tuner!"

I supply these to all of our string players. While it did mute when the pedal was pressed, what good is that if I can't even tell. These are the two features that my personal bias marks it down for. I've used this in all my practices and shows for 2 1/2 years and it's awesome! The price, easy of use, and the built-in metronome snagged my attention.

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(34 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated Eno Guitar Tuners

2. Eno TU-3 Eno Guitar Tuner

Editor's Impressions

"Other than that, I am pleased with it."

You wont have that size screwdriver at a gig, so use a coin. When only one is showing, you are not quite in tune yet. Decent tuner, but the tuner on my Line 6 M5 is more accurate. The display is bright, large and easy to read. It has other settings for Violin, Bass and Chromatic tuning as well.

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